Mastering change in a stable and agile manner

DDBR Consulting is specialised in advising people and organizations in their change processes.

Attentive, appreciative, and clear.

We work exactly where the transition from strategy consulting or a decision taken to implementation takes place and where the greatest turbulences occur.

We accompany you: your company, managers, and employees, so that they can simultaneously shape the change processes in an agile and stable manner.

In this way we strengthen orientation and navigation in the diffuse intermediate times, which are necessary for times of change.

We thus enable the maintenance of entrepreneurial activity until new structures, processes and culture provide the necessary orientation and stability.

Are you facing changes in your organisation?
Or are you in the thick of it?
We’re looking forward to talking to you about your situation.

Your organisation’s structure

  • International growth of your organisation
  • Acquisition and integration of other organisations or divisions
  • Reorganisation or restructuring of your organisation or of divisions
  • Relocating or returning activities

Your organisation’s management

  • Introducing or re-vitalising lean management
  • Introducing mentoring or knowledge management, to retain and transfer knowledge within your organisation
  • Personnel changes or generation changes within the management team

Your organisation’s leaders and employees

  • Development of leaders: both in leading as well as in dealing with change
  • Improving collaboration in your organisation or division
  • Strengthening the resilience of leaders and employees,  that is their ability to deal with change in an agile and stable way

Yourself in the organisation

  • Reflecting your own behaviour and career in an individual coaching
  • Discovering and analysing of perspectives in an individual coaching

We’re looking forward to getting to know you:

What we do: Focus on organisational and individual development

Organisational development

We strengthen and accompany organisations in change processes. This ranges from the development of new structures and processes in young companies to the strengthening of organisational resilience, the training of “process coaches” in the company and the establishment of a sustainable network through mentoring.

Individual development

We support and accompany the personal development of employees and managers. Be it through career coaching, which comes into play when career changes are imminent, or through the targeted development of leadership competencies.


Presentation on Change Management

A follow-up on Hendrikje Dickschen’s and Thierry Robert’s presentation on the myths of change management at the trade fair “Zukunft Personal” in Cologne is currently being planned.

International DDBR Partners

We are happy to welcome Una van Dorssen, based in Edinburgh, as UK partner into our team. We particularly value her expertise in Positive Psychology and are looking forward to working together with her.


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